Cancer Horoscope - Based on your Sun Sign

2015 Would be a positive year. As you find the year progressing there will be gradual improvements over the last two years. You will find new opportunities in career as well as better luck. Some unexpected and sudden events could take place till the end of April 2015 in marital matters as well as career, if you are in business.

If unmarried, there could be sudden marriage opportunity in the first four months. You should weigh your options well as this could be a hasty decision which you could regret in the long term. The opportunities if it does not materialize could pause after May 2015 starts and could come back with a lot of intensity after you have had an opportunity to rethink once August 2015 starts. Thereafter very high chances will exist till 17 th October 2015 and still good chances till 20 th December 2015.

New associations and partnerships could be formed in profession as well as personal life too. Sudden opportunity for travel could come up also between January 2015- April 2015 and August 2015- October 2015.

Health related issues could come up (minor) between May and July 2015.

Possibility of purchase of a real estate property present between May and July 2015. 16 th June 2015 onwards sudden events towards an investment are possible.

Family life would remain a cause of concern this year till 9 th September 2015 . You will find rapport and relationship would be poor in this regard.

Expenses and Monetary pressures on account of family too would be high. The phase between 1 st January 2015 and 17 th May 2015 could be particularly trying to you. You need to watch your speech as wrong things you say could spoil family relations.

Improvement will be present after 10 th September 2015 .

Money matters would be difficult till end August 2015 also. There would be expenses due to health matters of family members. Wasteful expenses possible also. Spouse and Spouse's family could be a drain on money, besides unexpected and unplanned expenses. This could be more difficult till 17 th May 2015 .

Income would be good mostly. There will be very good gains between 27 th January 2015 and 31 st May 2015 . Period 7 th March 2015 to 19 th April 2015 will see an upward spike in income.

Investments would be average mostly. You should avoid any new investments till 17 th May 2015 . There could be some gains till April 2015 from existing investments. You should cash the gains if possible.

Speculation of any sort should be avoided. Any money handling should be done under professional supervision.

Relations with business partners and spouse could be deceptive mostly till 3 rd November 2015 . You should take care to keep the communication channels open and be aware of what is going on in your partner's mind.

Health, also positive, will remain erratic in the first half of the year. You need to be careful. Chances in line of work as well as work environment could come up after November commences. There will be rise in unnecessary and uncontrolled expenses during November ? December period.

Major decisions should be taken after due consultation till end October 2015.

Career will take a leap forward after 10 th September 2015 . There will be a quantum leap in confidence too. The year will pickup after August 2015 and be quite favorable by the time you reach end of the year.


Cancer 2015 Love / Marriage Horoscope :

2015 would be quite an eventful year. You will find sudden and unexpected events would occur in love life as well as marital matters, if you are married.

January - April 2015 would bring the maximum changes, which would be sudden and mostly beyond your control. You would do well to proceed with caution and avoid any commitment or making a move as such till May 2015 begins. Any decisions or moves made during this time could come back to revisit you after August 2015 till 20 th December 2015 .

A certain degree of unorthodox thinking as well as lack of willingness to follow social norms in relationships will prevail till end October 2015. It would be useful to remain cautious and within the times.

If you are unattached, a new person could come unexpected and unannounced on the horizon between January ?April 2015. The need to move forward could be fast and sudden. You should remain open but avoid getting swept at your feet between 7 th March 2015 and 19 th April 2015 . There will be another opportunity, more serious and steady after August 2015 till December 2015.

This time round you could consider commitment or marriage. Love life would be interesting most except during June, August and December 2015.

If in a relationship, a third angle could open up to April 2015. You need to be calm and weed out the problems, rather than jumping to conclusions. There will be improvements after 17 th May 2015 . Issues could be high between 28 th January and 8 th March 2015 , June 2015 and beyond 8th October 2015 .

A move towards commitment and marriage could come this year too, although stable trends will have to wait till period beyond 17 th October 2015 .

Marital matters will be difficult. Temperament of spouse will be tough between 1 st January and 17 th May 2015 . You could find hurdles and distances within family too. An outside influence on marriage cannot be ruled out till October 2015 end, although effects would be highest till 30 th April 2015 .

Improvements will come after 17 th May 2015 but sudden events of January ? April 2015 period could revisit you between August 2015 and 20 th December 2015 . Be careful most of the time this year.

If unmarried, chances of a sudden marriage will remain throughout.

Cancer 2015 Career Horoscope :

2015 would begin with some unplanned and misleading trends which might take you on an unexpected career path initially. There could be opportunities for a new venture in association with a partner too.

You should however exercise caution since the efforts and work done now might not bear fruit. This period of caution should operate till April 2015. Thereafter a slow phase will run till September 2015.

Beyond September 2015 career will pickup majorly and also there would be new activity in work areas beyond November 2015.

2015 would turn positive and dynamic after September 2015.

If you are in a business, then a sudden partnership or joint venture opportunity could come up between January and April 2015. The project might be a hasty one and not very well thought out. It would be useful to keep your exposure level down till you cross end May 2015.

A slowdown will come after May begins, while 17th May 2015 onwards there would be better clarity and clearer vision in business.

New areas of growth would come beyond 10th September 2015 while a dynamic and positive phase in business will come after 3rd November 2015.

If in a job, you could change or modify your time of work suddenly. It would be useful to seek expert advice before such a move is made since period beyond May 2015 could make you regret your decision.

There will be a turbulent phase in job after 16th June 2015 till 17th October 2015. Avoid issues in work environment. Better control and status with your sub-ordinates could come after 10th September 2015.

Work area will experience politics and an expansion after November 2015.

If working as a professional, you will experience a gainful year except between May and July 2015.

There would be unplanned and not fully thought out projects. It would be useful to seek expert advice before you embark on new projects.


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Prediction of your luck for whole year

Cancer January Horoscope

Positive and eventful period till the 13th January 2015. Issues with spouse and in joint areas/ partnerships thereafter.

Cancer February Horoscope

Ego and opposition to your ideas till the 12th February 2015. Issues in marriage too. Beyond 13th February 2015, dip in energy and stamina. Hurdles could rise.

Cancer March Horoscope

Low activity and energy phase till the 14th March 2015 luck will rise too.

Cancer April Horoscope

Positive month throughout. Progress in career till 14th May 2015. Higher income and gain thereafter.

Cancer May Horoscope

Positive month throughout. Progress in career till 14th May 2015. Higher income and gain thereafter.

cancer June Horoscope

Positive period for money and social events till 14th June 2015. A dip in energy, rise in expenses and a slowdown from the 15th June 2015.

cancer July Horoscope

Slow and difficult period till the 15th July 2015. Aggressive and energetic period from 16th July 2015.

Cancer August Horoscope

Creative and high activity phase till the 16th August 2015. Ego with family, in speech and increase in expenses from the 17th August 2015.

cancer September Horoscope

Issues in family life till the 16th September 2015. Growth in career, higher status and position from the 17th September 2015.

cancer October Horoscope

Positive period till the 16th October 2015. Domestic pressures and issues with family after the 17th October 2015.

cancer November Horoscope

Rise in interaction with people and lower activity in family life till the 15th November 2015. Increase in ego and issues related to children after the 16th November 2015.

cancer December Horoscope

Short tempered behavior and fall in status till the 15th December 2015. Growth in career, dynamic opportunities and overall growth after the 16th December 2015.

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