Libra Horoscope - Based on your Sun Sign

2015 Would be a positive year again, although there would be more hurdles and pressures in comparison to 2007 and 2008. You will find the gains from all the efforts of the last few years will mature now.

There would however be a rise in your competition as well as some disruption in your area of work after 27 th January 2015 . This phase could be trying after 7 th March 2015 till 19 th April 2015 . Major changes or risks should be avoided.

As the year progresses you will find your gains and progress would be in an accelerated motion. You will find the quantum of gains will be highest between May and August 2015.

Throughout this period you will find lack of comfort and higher level of efforts for carrying out regular levels of work.

There will be discomfort in regular day to day work. Further you might be unfocused about your career as well as vision of how to proceed as you go along. This unsettled phase would continue till end October 2015.

Beyond November 2015, you will find that work environment will expand. There will be more opportunities due to your networking skills. Dynamism and hard work will be well rewarded after November 2015.

The gainful period will operate till end August 2015 and thereafter a slow down and steady increase in expenses and a gradual slow down in monetary position will be felt. You should control your overheads and avoid any sort of property or stock related investments as there could be losses after September 2015 commences.

Period beyond September 2015 till November 2011 is a phase when wealth should be conserved. New projects and investments should be conserved.

Family life would be positive, although there could be sudden changes in family life (beyond your control) which could take you either physically or mentally away from family. February, July and August 2015 are not good month for family happiness.

Gains would be abundant. May 2015 to July 2015 will be a period of exceptional gains due to new ideas and your intelligence. Income will be very high till 10 th September 2015 and experience a slow down thereafter.

Old investment in real estate and equities will give you gains till end August 2015. Thereafter losses as well a slide in position in these areas would be felt after September 2015 commence.

Speculation should be strictly avoided during March 2015 and April 2015 as well as during July 2015.

Health would be positive mostly except some unplanned events between January 2015 and April 2015 when you need to be cautious about upper abdomen. Children related happiness present between May 2015 and July 2015.

If applicable, birth /conception of a child will be possible between May 2015 and July 2015.

Most of the year would be positive, although you will find the challenges will rise after September 2015.


Libra 2015 Love / Marriage Horoscope :

Focus would still not be much on love and marriage matters this year due to exceptional level of activity in career and professional areas.

You will find that the period between May 2015 & July 2015 will suddenly open up this avenue for you due to some activity in career and acquaintances that come up in professional circles.

Activity in love will play down further after 10 th September 2015 although serious moves in love life could come up more from 20 th December 2015 .

If unattached, this year will be inactive mostly except between May & July when social opportunities could start looking serious.

The period between 7 th March 2015 & 19 th April 2015 will see you confused and in a difficult mind set in matters of love. Socially you will have good period during January, July, August mid September & 10 October & November.

This period will be exciting socially although not much progress towards a commitment can be expected.

If in a relationship, these will be an eventful period. Socially as you will be active & involved 14 th January 2015 to 17 th May 2015 could be a volatile phase where you could have challenges adjusting with each other; although the social phase will remain positive.

There would be a good period between May & July when a positive step towards a higher level could be taken. However events after 16 th June 2015 could slow down the process & reverse the initiative after August. . Distances could build up after 10 th September 2015 and you will need to invest more in your relationship beyond period.

If married, this year will be stable mostly. Events at home could be sudden and unexpected, although there will be positive & happy moves mostly. Marriage matters could be challenging for domestic matter during February, June & July It would be a positive phase thereafter.

Unmarried people might not get much chances of marriage this year

Libra 2015 Career Horoscope :

Career will be in a strong phase and the recent loss of position in 2015 will get restored this year.

You will find your interaction as well as mass base would increase between Jan-April.

May 2015 and July 2015 will see a sudden rise in status.

You will find yourself powerful and in control of all you do at this time. A dip or slowdown could come after August commences.

New avenues in career, networking as well as rise in activity will come after 3rd November 2015. You should avoid making a change in career or technique of work till end October.

If in a business, there will be growth and expansion due to increase in your contacts. There will be rise in gains and level of status of your business between May & July.

New association could get you gains till 10th September 2015. New investments & monetary risks should be avoided once you cross 10th September 2015. Monetary pressures & increases in overhead possible beyond 5th October 2015.

You need to conserve your capital and avoid financial pressures till of the year. If in a job, you will find the activity level would be exceptionally high between Jan-April. You might end up taking sudden & unplanned step in work. Status will rise between May-July, although some contrary trends could come up after 16th June 2015.

New ground in job areas could open up further from 3rd November 2015 which will increase your team size and number of subordinates. Status will rise too.

Chances of an overseas opportunity past 5th October 2015 for the next two years.

If working as a professional, you will experience good level of gains & progress overall. Comfort and long term vision could however be missing. The best period for success would be between May & July.

There could be dip in status after 10th September 2015 January, May & Sept could be turbulent.


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Prediction of your luck for whole year

Libra January Horoscope

Positive period till the 13th January 2015. Domestic pressures and issues with family after the 14th January 2015.

Libra February Horoscope

Rise in interaction with people and lower activity in family life till the 12th February 2015. Increase in ego and issues related to children after the 13th February 2015.

Libra March Horoscope

Short tempered behavior and fall in status till the 14th March 2015. Growth in career, dynamic opportunities and overall growth after the 15th March 2015.

Libra April Horoscope

Positive and eventful period till the 13th April 2015. Issues with spouse and in joint areas/ partnerships thereafter.

Libra May Horoscope

Ego and opposition to your ideas till the 14th May 2015. Issues in marriage too. Beyond 15th May 2015, dip in energy and stamina. Hurdles could rise.

Libra June Horoscope

Low activity and energy phase till the 14th June 2015. Rise in religious and spiritual interest after 15th June 2015. Level of luck will rise too.

Libra July Horoscope

Average luck and creativity till 15th July 2015. Thereafter very positive and good growth in career till end of the month.

Libra August Horoscope

Positive month throughout. Progress in career till 16th August 2015. Higher income and gain thereafter.

Libra September Horoscope

Positive period for money and social events till 16th September 2015. A dip in energy, rise in expenses and a slowdown from the 17th September 2015.

Libra October Horoscope

Slow and difficult period till the 16th October 2015. Aggressive and energetic period from 17th October 2015.

Libra November Horoscope

Creative and high activity phase till the 15th November 2015. Ego with family, in speech and increase in expenses from the 16th November 2015.

Libra December Horoscope

Issues in family life till the 15th December 2015. Growth in career, higher status and position from the 16th December 2015.

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