Mantras and remedies for the nine planets

There several mantras and remedies for the planets prescribed in the various scriptures. We are giving bellow the most effective ones in our experience.

In today’s turbulent times it is very imperative for all of us take right & quick decisions , followed by right action which is only possible if there is positive energy in the immediate environment around you…….. What this technically means is that the place where you reside { home } & the place of your work { office } should have positive energy & if the place has negative energy than it can create havoc in all the aspects of life { finance , health & relationship }…

ENERGY RECTIFICATION PROGRAMME { ERP } : We can identify & assess the enrgy levels of the house / office & humans not only this but because of sophisticated instrumentation we can actually quantify the changes in the energy levels & also come to know how effective is the remedy applied . We can also take pictures of negative / positive energy by digital aura scanning.
We suggest scientifically proven remedies for Geo-biology { Vastu } , human energy field { Aura scanning } and electro magnetic radiation . All these remedies are incorporated without disturbing the existing structure . Remedies measures are non-destructive in nature.

TRINANDAN MISHRA is a renowned vaastu expert who specializes in astrology , geo-mancy & aura reading he was the first vaastu-expert to get ISO 9001 / 2000 CERTIFICATION , he has given lectures on vaastu at various clubs & social organization both in india as well as abroad.

Pandit Trinandan Mishra is a young & dynamic astrologer who hails from a Brahmin family and is a specialist in medical astrology, corporate astrology as well as financial astrology. He is the first person to get an ISO 9001/2000 Certification in Vastu. He is also known as Pyra Vastu Expert and considered as the Youngest Astrologer of India, His Great Grand Father was a priest & also a very good astrologer, and traditionally Astrologer to The Kings of Talcher, orissa, and they have 150 year old traditions & Lakhs of followers from all over the world follow them. With grace of Goddess Durga & his father he gets the knowledge of astrology in abundance.

He is a very successful astrologer who can predict sports specially Cricket & Football, recently he had successfully predicted Foot Ball World Cup 2006 and also ICC Championship Trophy 2006.

He is a columnist in daily & weekly newspapers and has also been anchoring daily astrological program on Kamyab TV (24X7 ORIYA News channel). Pandit Trinandan Mishra not only predicts stock market with very good accuracy but also predicts Bollywood /Hollywood box office result as well as star performance.

Some of the big predictions from Pandit Trinandan Mishra are Flood in Gujarat & other parts of India in August 2006, Bombay Bomb Blast July 2006, Tsunami in Indonesia July 2006, Middle east crises (Israel v/s Lebanon) July 2006, Sonia Gandhi resign March 2006, Ahmedabad & Kashi Bomb Blast February 2006, Krish first week success, Controversy of Fanna, Rang de Basanti, Da Vinci Code and also forecast for many celebrities.

Trinandan Mishra has now become a celebrity astrologer of international fame. His radio and television shows have generated ardent admirers of him around the world. His clientele includes, and is not limited to Cine Stars, Cricketers, politicians, and Corporate heads. Without doubt, the accuracy of his suggestions and analysis has earned him a large fan following. He has enabled many people to overcome setbacks, understand the circumstances of their life, develop reason for the situation and come through it in flying colours. But perhaps the most outstanding quality of his is the belief of "Simple living and high thinking". This coupled with his personalised and friendly approach to his clients is very well received and puts people at ease with themselves.

He believes in the Chinese proverb, "a journey of a thousand miles, starts with a step". And to this end he has started his steps to make the world a more Positive place to live, and encourages all those who believe in its virtues to join him.

For a personalised analysis of your horoscope or any other consultation, contact Trinandan Mishra @ the following emails:

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Soil Selection

The Brahmin Soil

There are four classes of soil according to Orissan Silpa Sastra named after four major category of Hindu caste system. The Brahmin Soil is white in colour that smells like clarified butter and is astringent to the taste. The Kshatriya soil is blood red in colour and is bitter to the taste. The Vaisya soil is yellow in colour with smells like alkaline earth and is sour to the taste. The Sudra category soil is black in colour which gives the smell of dead snails and has a wine-like taste.

If there is difficulty in deciding

If there is difficulty in deciding the category of soil by colour and taste, just prepare a small piece of ground with the plough (utter Savitri Mantra during the whole process) and sow sesamum seeds therein. If sprouts appear after the third night, it is Brahmin soil. If sprouts appear after 4, 5 or 6 nights, the soil can be determined as Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra respectively.

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If the sprouts appear

If the sprouts appear after seven nights then it belongs to the Pisachas (Devils). Such soil is considered unsuitable for housing or any good work. If someone lives on the soil belonging to his own caste or on one lower than his own, then he/she shall live happily with friends, relatives and attendants.

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A place cool and undisturbed

A place cool and undisturbed, spacious and full of fragrant plants, close to water bodies is often good for dwelling purpose. But the place with human hairs, gravel, bones, sand or thorns is fearsome where misfortune reigns.

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