Soil Selection for dwelling purpose

How to know if the Land you buy is suitable to you or not... Tips from Traditional Utkaliya Silpa Sastra collected by Basudev Mahapatra

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Soil Selection

The Brahmin Soil

There are four classes of soil according to Orissan Silpa Sastra named after four major category of Hindu caste system. The Brahmin Soil is white in colour that smells like clarified butter and is astringent to the taste. The Kshatriya soil is blood red in colour and is bitter to the taste. The Vaisya soil is yellow in colour with smells like alkaline earth and is sour to the taste. The Sudra category soil is black in colour which gives the smell of dead snails and has a wine-like taste.

If there is difficulty in deciding

If there is difficulty in deciding the category of soil by colour and taste, just prepare a small piece of ground with the plough (utter Savitri Mantra during the whole process) and sow sesamum seeds therein. If sprouts appear after the third night, it is Brahmin soil. If sprouts appear after 4, 5 or 6 nights, the soil can be determined as Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra respectively.

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If the sprouts appear

If the sprouts appear after seven nights then it belongs to the Pisachas (Devils). Such soil is considered unsuitable for housing or any good work. If someone lives on the soil belonging to his own caste or on one lower than his own, then he/she shall live happily with friends, relatives and attendants.

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A place cool and undisturbed

A place cool and undisturbed, spacious and full of fragrant plants, close to water bodies is often good for dwelling purpose. But the place with human hairs, gravel, bones, sand or thorns is fearsome where misfortune reigns.

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