Taurus Horoscope - Based on your Sun Sign

2015 would be a more productive and gainful year in comparison to 2008.

You will find your luck and opportunities that would present themselves would be more vibrant and higher this year.

The year would be most noticeable for some major changes in your temperament and the way you think between 7 th March 2015 and 19 th April 2015 . Thinking could turn more emotional, reckless and your affections/ social instincts could predominate.

Socially it would be a great period; however you need to be careful of some allegations and linkups which are avoidable. After a positive period till 31 st May 2015 , you could experience a dip during June 2015 overall.

Further you will experience a rise in the level of your interaction with people at large. There will be a significant rise in the level of contacts you make during this year till end August 2015.

Activity level could be higher than normal till 17 th May 2015 . You should avoid taking any major steps in career as well as domestic matters during this time. New projects are totally avoidable.

Luck and progress would rise overall this year. You could find sudden and frequent travels till April 2015 and again between August and December 2015.

Income would be good this year.

Money matters will be much better than 2008 as accumulation of money will become possible now. Best period for monetary returns would be May 2015 to July 2015.

Gains from partners/ spouse would come after November 2015. Income would be good most of the year. You will find an exceptional rise between May and July 2015. Some erratic and volatile patterns could build up between 16 th June 2015 and 12 th October 2015 .

Investments should be handled with caution. If made conservatively, there would be good returns now. Speculation of any sort should be avoided in January 2015 and between 17 th August 2015 and 6 th October 2015 .

Long term investments are better planned after 10 th September 2015 . You might have some turbulent and volatile time in money/ investment matters during January, May and September 2015.

Avoid giving loans or taking financial risks after November 2015 commences.

Family life would be positive mostly. There will be happiness and growth overall, more so between May and July 2015.

Some issues could turn difficult and distances could crop up after November 2015 begins. Thereafter distances could come in your family as well with family of spouse, if married.

Health would be fairly good this year.

You need to be careful of stomach ailment after September 2015 commences, while stress and fixed attitude could create lifestyle disorders after November 2015.

The year will look up tremendously after September 2015.


Taurus 2015 Love / Marriage Horoscope :

Love life would be high on your agenda throughout in the first half of the year. There would be a need to be in the company of the love one and regular socializing till May end 2015.

Your personal temperament could be volatile and highly excitable circles.

There could also be certain talks about your too close proximity with a friend or his/ her spouse. You need to be cautious between 7 th March 2015 and 19 th April 2015.

Socially a highly enjoyable time between February and May 2015. Sex appeal would be the highest during this time. A seriousness and sanguine temperament towards love and marriage could develop after 10 th September 2015 . This phase would help you to take some hard and important decisions which you might not be able to take at the beginning of the year.

Unmarried people might not find much chances of marriage this year.

If unattached, the year would begin on an excellent note. You will be in control of relationship from 23 rd January. Love life, social life and sex appeal would be sky high.

You would be enthusiastic and charismatic in love matters. 7 th March to 19 th April 2015 would see a high level; of activity.

Thereafter too July and October 2015 would be quite happier. A dip could be felt during June, November and December. If in a relationship, the year will turn more serious and move towards commitment after the 10 th September 2015 . In between relations could be quite erratic and unstable during January, May and September 2015.

A slowdown and quite period could be felt during April, May, July and November 2015.

Issues could crop during January, April and October 2015 so be careful.

If married, the year will be positive and happy mostly. There could be distances and a dip overall during January.

February and May is a positive period followed by slowdown in June 2015.

Thereafter aggression in family life would be felt during August and September.

It is a year to be low profile in marital matters. Temperamental issues with spouse could crop up after 21 st December 2015 .

Aries 2015 Career Horoscope :

Career has entered an erratic and unstable phase since 10th December 2008. You are likely to experience an expansion in opportunities as well as rise in level of activity in career. However despite the increased level of exposure, gains would not be in direct relation with the work and pressures that rise. This hazy and high activity phase would operate till end April 2015. Thereafter improvement would come about in career till 31st July 2015. Some reversals and unexpected problems due to events that happened up to 30th April 2015 can be expected between 1st August 2015 and 20th December 2015. This is a period to be careful and cautious. Vision and thinking in career could change after 1st January 2015. It is a period when you should avoid radical or unconservative decisions. You should work on plans and areas of work that were in operation before December 2008 commenced. New projects, ideas and methods of work should not be employed till at least 17th May 2015 as chances of an error of judgment and fall in status possible. Career will remain average and erratic till 10th September 2015. Thereafter you enter into a positive and powerful phase. There will be progress and gains due to your hard work and dynamism. A powerful and positive phase in work will commence for more than 2 years after 10th September 2015. The effects of this phase will commence from 5th October 2015 and it would be a slow period overall till such time. Vibrant opportunities will come from unexpected sources till 3rd November 2015. You should keep your effort and remain open to new ideas during this time. Further, if you are in business, the year would be gainful but somewhat slow. Gains will be high till 10th September 2015. There after overheads will rise although progress would be rapid also. New investment and risks in career should be strictly avoided between 27th January 2015 and 31st May 2015. In between 7th March 2015 ? 19th April 2015 period could be difficult. January, June, July and September 2015 would be gainful. February, March, April, October and November 2015 would be difficult. If in a job, period till April end 2015 would be difficult. Superiors would be erratic and non supportive. Some rise in issues and setbacks could come between 1st August 2015 and 13th October 2015. 8th October 2015 onwards a powerful phase would commence which will take you to a new peak in job. January, May and September 2015 would be unsettled while March, May, July and November 2015 would be quite. Avoid controversy during July, August and December 2015.


Prediction of your luck for whole year

Taurus January Horoscope

Low activity and energy phase till the 13th January 2015. Rise in religious and spiritual interest after 14th January 2015. Level of luck will rise too.

Taurus February Horoscope

Average luck and creativity till 12th February 2015. Thereafter very positive and good growth in career till end of the month.

Taurus March Horoscope

Positive month throughout. Progress in career till 14th March 2015. Higher income and gain thereafter.

Taurus April Horoscope

Positive period for money and social events till 13th April 2015. A dip in energy, rise in expenses and a slowdown from the 14th April 2015.

Taurus May Horoscope

Slow and difficult period till the 14th May 2015. Aggressive and energetic period from 15th May 2015.

Taurus June Horoscope

Creative and high activity phase till the 14th June 2015. Ego with family, in speech and increase in expenses from the 15th June 2015.

Taurus July Horoscope

Issues in family life till the 15th July 2015. Growth in career, higher status and position from the 16th July 2015.

Taurus August Horoscope

Positive period till the 16th August 2015. Domestic pressures and issues with family after the 17th August 2015.

Taurus September Horoscope

Rise in interaction with people and lower activity in family life till the 16th September 2015. Increase in ego and issues related to children after the 17th September 2015.

Taurus October Horoscope

Short tempered behavior and fall in status till the 16th October 2015. Growth in career, dynamic opportunities and overall growth after the 17th October 2015.

Taurus November Horoscope

Positive and eventful period till the 15th November 2015. Issues with spouse and in joint areas/ partnerships thereafter.

Taurus December Horoscope

Ego and opposition to your ideas till the 15th December 2015. Issues in marriage too. Beyond 16th December 2015, dip in energy and stamina. Hurdles could rise.

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